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Tecumseh Schools Foundation

Tecumseh Schools Foundation (TSF) was founded in 1984 and thanks to strong community support and several significant endowments, the foundation has grown steadily and has affected hundreds, if not thousands, of Tecumseh students. TSF offers many opportunities for both those who would like to contribute and those who would like to receive scholarships. Over the years, the TSF has dispersed hundreds of thousands of dollars to students and teachers through scholarships and mini-grants.


Our Mission

The Tecumseh Schools Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes educational excellence by providing college scholarships and mini-grant money for teachers and students in our community.


The TSF Profile

Tecumseh Schools Foundation provides funding for a wide spectrum of educational activities to benefit the residents of Tecumseh, Michigan. TSF is a tax-exempt organization.


Contributions to TSF are given back to the Tecumseh community through scholarships for area college students, mini-grants to local teachers, contributions that support other organizations affecting Tecumseh students including the Tecumseh Youth Theatre and Payback for Education, as well as helping students attend educational camps and events. In the past, TSF has annually invested nearly $30,000 of its contributors' money in these worthy endeavors.


Members of the TSF's working board of volunteer trustees are each rooted in the Tecumseh community and include members of the business community, alumni and area residents. Each is committed to making sure that Tecumseh remains a fertile ground for learning for everyone in the community.

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