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A gift to Tecumseh Schools Foundation provides substantial benefits to you and the community. By placing this kind of effort in education, experience and cultural growth we have an impact on our students that will last a lifetime. You can make a difference in children's lives through your contribution to the Tecumseh Schools Foundation. The cost of educational activities and projects continues to rise while government support for education continues to decline. Your support of the Foundation improves the educational experience for all children in our community. You can designate how your gift is to be used. Whether you decide to start an endowed scholarship in memory or in honor of a past or present teacher or loved one, decide to fund a specific project, begin a new project or donate a smaller amount, your support provides funding for a wide spectrum of educational projects for Tecumseh area students and teachers.


Donations are tax deductible. As a Lenawee County United Way-supported agency, you can designate that all or part of your Lenawee County United Way contributions be allocated to TSF.


Contributions may be made directly to the Foundation in the following ways:


• Cash or Check

• Bequests or Wills

• Life Insurance

• Stocks, Bonds, or Certificates of Deposit

• Memorial

• Real Estate



Please consider the Tecumseh Schools Foundation in your charitable giving and bequests. Call the TSF Vice President at 517-423-6351 to make arrangements for a more sizeable contribution, or you may click the button below or mail your check to:

Tecumseh Schools Foundation, P.O. Box 384, Tecumseh, MI 49286.


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